Causes of Teen Prostitution in the United States

So for my English Composition class, we write essays almost weekly. I’ve written numerous types of papers on numerous types of topics. I’ll write blogs about those at a later date. My current assignment is a causal essay about the problem of teen prostitution in the United States. In case you didn’t know, prostitution is very much illegal all over the US except in choice parts of Iowa. Yes people; that means online hookers, street prostitutes, brothel girls, and massage parlor vixens are all breaking the law by selling you their services for money, be it for them or their pimp. However, the problem is far deeper than the fact that its illegal. The problem is when thousands of teen girls (18 to as young as 8) are walking the streets, some from being sold into the slavery business and some by choice. Many even go home each night and to school the next morning. For some, its even the men of the family pimping them out and their teachers or parents’ friends are the customers! We need to bring a stop to this. I will have more to say after my essay is actually written (and will link it here), and I will have more about ways to protect your own children, grandchildren, and friends, as well as organizations intent on stopping this. Our girls should not be subject to this type of abuse by anyone.


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