Moving Out at 18

Tips & Tricks For Moving Out At 18

As we all know, turning 18 – and into a legal adult – can be a stressful but exciting time. You can finally buy cigarettes, get a tattoo, and buy things you’ve been buying all these years with the “you must be 18 years of age or older” restriction. However, the most exciting for some is the ability to finally, legally, be able to move out. I’m going to offer you all some tips on making moving out at 18, be it into a house or apartment, simple and easy!


1) First Things First: Make a LIST!

Making a list can make things SO MUCH easier! I mean, we make shopping lists, packing lists, and even this blog post is a list! A list lays everything out right in front of you, which saves space when packing and makes you realize how much junk you have – and don’t need.

2) Wash Your Clothes

It’s more likely than not that your favorite clothes are laying over in your dirty clothes hamper right now! Wash your clothes, because you don’t want to pack dirty clothes and you don’t want to forget anything you might regret later.

3) Go Through Your Closet

Now that you have your list, which can be as small or large as you think you can handle, go through your closet and PULL OUT WHAT’S ON YOUR LIST AND NOTHING MORE. If your list was generalized as “skirts, shorts, pants, etc”, then take the time to make it more specific first – even if it’s just to add a number of items beside it. Then, when you get to your closet, you can pick and choose the items you need to bring from everything you have. Put these items aside or pack them immediately, if you’re able.

4) Go Through Your Closet AGAIN!

This is something you will always always see in closet cleaning blog posts because it WORKS; get three to four boxes or trash bags for donating to thrift/consignment stores, giving to friends or siblings, repurposing, and trash. Now, by repurposing I DO NOT mean for you to keep and use for something else. There are many places that will take scraps of fabric or unusable clothes to repurpose for other projects. If you keep it, it will just get thrown to the back of your closet again.


1) Go Through Any Personal Items

Books, collectibles, anything that could possibly be left behind MUST be included on your list(s). I don’t suggest bringing many of these items, but anything falling into these categories shouldn’t be forgotten: collectibles, irreplaceable items, and anything of significant personal value. I personally have a collection of dragon statues that cannot be replaced, which will be coming with me when I move out 12/2015-1/2016. I will be leaving my books behind unless they are foreign or important, because I can get more or borrow from my local library. ALL electronics are coming with me.

Well, that’s actually it for this post! Moving out isn’t as hard as many would have you believe. It just takes willpower and time, and sometimes asking for a little help. Now, this post only applies if your parents KNOW you are moving out. I will discuss another time what to do if they don’t know.**

**I would like to address this. Young adults leave home due to many different circumstances, and in some circumstances it is in your best interest to move out without your parents knowing. You are not alone and please do not be afraid to ask someone you know for help, even if it means contacting your local police. If that is not an option, please contact me and I will do my best to help you through.

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