Restarting My Blog

No one follows this, so I know no one even knows I left, but I’m back. Due to classes and Uni, but not FOR classes and Uni. For me. I came back for me, and for all of you out there who need someone that understands you and what you’re going through. I came back because there ARE NO BLOGS for those of us dealing with congenital heart defects, open heart surgery, and college ON TOP OF normal teen angst. You all deserve better, and so do I. So I’m back and better than ever.


Quick updates:

  1. After moving out of my house and in with my boyfriend, things got so much better in our relationship. I’m at Uni and he’s still in high school, but I can tell you (and I’ll write a post about it) that there is no way the distance will break us up. Yes, we’re only an hour away in rush hour, but it’s still hard when you’re used to waking up next to someone every day. I even miss our stupid, selfish little arguments about who should fill the gas tank next or who ate the last of the Pop-tarts.
  2. As I mentioned above, I’m at Uni! I attend a private university in Ohio, and I love it. I was so close to dropping out due to homesickness, but I’m now out of that rut. I’m involved with things on campus and in the honor’s program studying Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology, and I couldn’t be happier.
  3. I’m in a Digital Citizenship class at my school, my choice of a required Freshman Year Seminar, and I will be having another blog on top of this one specifically for that class. It will be paid for by my school for the full year, and then I’ll have to take it over for myself. This blog will NOT be called Chemistry Call Girl, but I may link it to this blog and this one to that. Once we start them, I’ll decide whether I want to keep paying for that one or not.

So that’s really all that’s going on currently, and I’ll post a few in depth blog posts about some of this stuff, but for now that’s my life and I’m just gonna live it.


Keep Calling ❤