Cafeteria Food

This is a topic that has been done to death, but I’m going to do it again.

Cafeteria food at your school/college/university.

Everyone knows school food is gross. That’s just common sense. Mybe my school was lucky, or maybe my taste buds are crazy, but I’ve never had a problem with my school’s food. Of course, I grew up in a family of steak and potatos, pork and beans, and the works. Everything was meat, grains, potatoes, and vegetables at every meal, but especially dinner.


School food is notoriously bad at places of higher education, maybe even more so than public high school (like the one where I went). But again, maybe I’m lucky and my school just has really good cooks. If you’re not as lucky as me, here’s some tips to get through your food funk.

  • Find Your Niche, and ONLY Eat There
    • My school’s cafeteria has multiple places in the one cafeteria that serve food. In fact, every university I’ve visited (most in Ohio and a few in surrounding states) has had cafeterias set up like this. Gone are the days of only having two choices: buy the crap on the menu or bring your own lunch. Now, whole worlds are opened up to you. My cafeteria has a section where they offer different food from around the world each week. However, if you so choose, you CAN have cereal for every meal if you want. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.
  • Try Something New
    • If you’re a notorious meat eater, try the vegan foods. If you’re a well-known health junkie, go attack the dessert table one day. It’s available, and you’re paying for it anyway. You may as well find something you like that you won’t get the chance for otherwise.
  • Request Something!
    • Never pass up the opportunity to share your favorite foods with the cafeteria staff. You may have to ask for them, but most schools offer comment cards in the cafeteria so that you can request something you love, or something you’ve always wanted to try!
  • Care Packages
    • If your school’s food is really that bad, there’s no shame in asking for care packages. Whether it’s a sneaky “I SO need peanut butter!” post on Facebook, or a direct email or text to your parent/guardian with your shopping list, there’s no shame in requesting something. My school offers pre-made care packages, where you just tell the school what to put in it, pay for it, and they give it directly to the student “from you.”

If you don’t like the food, no big deal. Just make sure your parents or whoever is paying your schooling knows this, so they don’t pay for something you won’t be using.


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